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Cake and Cupcake Serving Stands Made From Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, and Coffee Cups
If you are looking for items to use as serving pieces, that are pretty and unique, these stands will fit your needs. You can purchase a size that would fit a round cake, cupcakes, finger foods, dips, or other items you plan to serve at your next gathering. They also make great wedding and birthday gifts. They are made from dinner plates, dessert plates, cereal and salad bowls, and coffee cups. They are glued together with strong adhesive. They should be hand washed to protect the glue. Please do not let them sit in water. If you have a special need, larger ones can be made with platters and serving bowls. Please contact me at: or call me at: 614-530-0219.

Floral and Ribbon Cake Stand Made with a Dinner Plate and a Coffee Cup
This floral and ribbon Cake Serving Stand is made by using a dinner size plate and glue it on top of a coffee cup. This is a wonderful way to add height on your serving table and put your cake and dessert items on display. This piece can also be used to serve finger foods, making them easier to reach. Setting your buffet table with different levels of serving dishes, makes your table visually more pleasing, and even allows for easier flow around the table when people are getting their food. PRICE: $25.00 plus shipping and tax. *****Only one cake stand is available on this listing.

Grapes and Vines Cupcake, Candle, or Soap Stand
This lovely piece can be used for many items. It can use it as a serving plate for cupcakes or finger foods. This item makes a unique candle holder for hearth or pillar candles. Add this to your home decor for a conversation piece! Don't forget about your bars of soap. This could be sat beside your kitchen sink or have one made for your bathroom to hold your bar of soap. Your guests will get a kick out of this! This is a wonder gift giving idea for weddings, birthdays, and a treat for yourself!!! PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and tax is applicable. ****Only one Grapes and Vines Cupcake Stand available on this listing.

Red Hibiscus Floral Dip Bowl and Coffee Cup Stand
This bowl is glued on top of the matching coffee cup. The pretty red vibrant Hibiscus Floral print will brighten up and make your table festive!! This bowl could be used to hold your dips for your chips, or salsa for your Mexican night. Your condiments could be placed in bowls like this one to make it easier for your guests to get their mustard or mayo for the sandwiches! These make great wedding gifts and birthday gifts. PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and applicable tax. ****Only one Red Hibiscus Bowl Serving Stand available on this listing.

Grapes and Vines Cake Stand Made from a Dinner Plate and Salad or Cereal Bowl
This listing is for a cake stand. The stand is made from a grape and vine design dinner plate and matching salad or cereal bowl. The two pieces are glued with a strong adhesive. Your cake will be on display when placed on your buffet table. This is also a wonderful way to serve other food items, especially finger foods. The Cake Stand makes a unique gift giving idea for weddings and birthdays. PRICE: $25.00 plus shipping and applicable tax. ****Only one Grapes and Vines Cake Stand available on this listing.

Fruit Design Cupcake, Candle, or Soap Stand
This is a versatile item. You will find this to be a wonderful conversation piece, in your home decor. It will add beauty to your table for smaller food items such as cupcakes and finger foods. If you need a candle holder, why not place a hearth or pillar style candle on it? You can even sit this stand by your kitchen sink or have one made to put in your bathroom. Bars of soap will be held nicely on this stand. Another great gift idea! This item has been discounted by $3.00 due to a few chips in the handle. PRICE AS IS: $17.00 plus shipping and tax is applicable. ****Only one Fruit Design Cupcake, Candle, or Soap Stand available on this listing.



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10-1-2005 Cake Serving Stands